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Each garment is tailor-made, uniquely-made for a particular customer only. In our industry, one size doesn’t fit all however, we can create garments, that fit well, for all. If you are looking to make some garments at our store, during our first meeting: we will measure and note down your fabric selections. In our second (and may be a few more) meeting: you will experience a fitting session(s). At last would be the pickup/ delivery.
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Thomas Mason

British inspired, with a touch of eccentricity, Thomas Mason collection is characterized by double twisted fabrics, crafted using only the finest yarns from the extra-long staple Egyptian cotton.” Thomas Mason, acquired by Albini group in 1992, had become the privileged supplier to the tailor of British royal court in the early 1900s. A Thomas Mason Shirt fabric is woven using Egyptian cotton, which is soft, breathable yet strong, high-quality cotton.

Ermenegildo Zegna

The Ermenegildo Zegna Group today is one of Italy’s most famous family driven enterprises.” This luxury fashion house is often abbreviated to Zegna and it makes men’s clothing and accessories. Besides men’s suits for its own labels, it also manufactures suits for Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Dunhill and Tom Ford.

Tessitura Monti

Passionate color combinations and weaves are the main characteristic of this brand. They constantly innovate and create new & trendy designs with low environmental impact colors. Their fabrics undergo strict quality controls before being supplied into their networks.


This Italian company started in 1973 as a spinning firm and soon became fully integrated mill that had a worldwide network for extra-fine wool fabric for men suits. Besides in Italy, Drago fabrics are appreciated by the best international brands, especially in Japan, Korea and the United States.

Loro Piana

High-end Italian clothing firm that was founded in the beginning of 19th century. It’s a great option for a high-end wool suit that is smooth to the feel, warm in winters and with interesting colors and patterns.

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Established since 1663, this is a true luxury brand for mens wear. Zegna is also said to be a customer of VBC. Their fabric has color, feel and quality that truly makes one stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Holland & Sherry

After its inception in 1836, “Holland & Sherry specialized in the finest wool and silk cloths, establishing a reputation for providing superior fabrics to the most prestigious tailors and luxury brands around the world. Following years of practice and arduous work, these fabrics boast a subtle, luxurious and sought-after soft feel and luminous appearance of which Holland & Sherry holds the secret. The range of patterns available is highly contemporary and features exclusive refined elegance.”


Started in 1815 and now its “fabrics are produced entirely at the Mongrando factory, where tailoring expertise, creativeness, quality, technology, and respect for the environment are company hallmarks. Its collections are manufactured using high quality raw materials and fibres, including top-grade Merino Wool, by combining tradition, style, and research.”

Bemberg Linings

Some of the most sought-after linings in the industry, Japanese Bemberg linings are now available with all of our premium suits. Made from natural cotton these linings are breathable, durable, and able to draw sweat away from the body. We usually construct half-lined trousers at Paul Bespoke, unless requested otherwise. The lining ends just above the knee. This finishing technique makes for a smooth and comfortable wear that keeps you cool and dry all day.


All Paul Bespoke shirts are handmade with attention to details as per the pattern and clients preferences. We carry variety of shirting fabrics to meet needs of our clients, the following will give you some idea of what all to look for when placing an order for a custom-made shirt.
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Some clients require purest forms of Linen or Cotton and some want a Wrinkle-Resistant shirt fabric that can be spun in the washing machine and easily ironed.


Some clients like solid colors and prefer only White shirts and some want patterns that make the shirt more interesting, and different colors on the inner collars/ cuffs/ buttonholes and buttons.


Different types of pockets can also be made, be it be a curve or square, with or without a flap or button. We also provide a pen pocket with all the regular pockets in our shirts.


Monogram options are also available for shirts; on the collar, cuff, should or pockets.


A Bespoke suit at Paul Bespoke consists of a Jacket and a Trouser. Should you need a vest too, do let us know. All our suits are tailored with attention to details such as the perfect cut, smooth finish, client’s body type and personalization options.
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Bespoke suits

A bespoke suit, the cream of the crop, is the one that the tailor has created a pattern for, from scratch and it is specially made just for you. This is the prime reason to ‘why a bespoke suit costs higher than off-the-shelves suit’.

Two or three - piece

A two-piece suit is considered a wardrobe essential for every man. It’s less formal and consists of a suit jacket and pair of trousers, while a 3-piece suit includes a vest that can keep you warmer and is usually worn when attending formal or highbrow events.

Single or double breasted

A single-breasted suit has two or three buttons in a single column, while a double-breasted one is an overlapping jacket with two parallel rows of buttons. Double-breasted suits look better when they’re buttoned. They are also made slightly longer in order to create space for the big lapel and complicated button motif and balance out the look.

Additional Features

Add a personal touch

Write a unique personal message and we will monogram it on the inside of any jacket or blazer. Have fun with your message and make your suit truly one of a kind.

Summer suit

One suit doesn’t fit all seasons. A summer suit is, therefore, made from materials that have lighter weight and provide more airflow. Usually cotton, linen, and other light natural fabrics are popular choices.

Slim fit vs regular fit

A regular fit provides for a room and makes garments more comfortable, not baggy though. A slim fit really hugs the owner’s body and brings out their physique. The wearer should decide the kind of fit based on personal taste and the occasion on which the garment is to be worn.


Linings stay inside of a suit jacket, overcoat, and trousers. It’s a sign of quality and provides durability. The choices for a jacket include fully lined, half lined, and unlined. However, the unlined option is preferred in hot climates as unlined jackets are simply lighter, more breathable and easy to wrinkle. At Paul Bespoke, we carry about 70 different styles of lining: solid colors, thread play, print & fun.


It’s the cuts at the back of your jacket which allow you to move easily. A center vent is a single slit on the center of the back. Side vents or double vents mean you will have two cuts at the back of your jacket.


Lapels are the folded flaps on each side of your suit jacket which extend from the collar. There are three types of custom lapels


A tuxedo is considered an evening dress supposed to be worn in the evening only. It is very formal and reserved for a special occasion. The physical difference between a regular suit and a tuxedo is that a tuxedo has different kind of lapels, buttons, pocket trims and a shiny strip on the trousers. Usually a shiny material (ex: Satin fabric) is used for these details.
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A long coat intended to be worn as the outermost garment, which usually extends below the knee. Mostly used in winters hence warmest fabrics such a pure Wool, Tweed and Harris Tweed are selected. Overcoats can consist buttons, belts, zippers or a combination of these.A tuxedo is considered an evening dress supposed to be worn in the evening only. It is very formal and reserved for a special occasion. The physical difference between a regular suit and a tuxedo is that a tuxedo has different kind of lapels, buttons, pocket trims and a shiny strip on the trousers. Usually a shiny material (ex: Satin fabric) is used for these details.
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All Paul Bespoke trousers are half-lined, if not requested otherwise. The waist band includes latex ‘gripper’ band that helps in keeping your shirt neatly tucked in. Deep pockets, coin pocket or special types of pocket can be created per request. Our trousers also come with a sturdy band of cloth on the inside of your trousers’ cuff (which rides on your shoe with every step you take), this helps in extending the life of your custom trousers by several years.
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Men’s dress shoes come in many styles, and each has its place. The particular constructions and colors one chooses are surely a matter of personal style. Nonetheless, there are a few conventions one should keep in mind when selecting shoes for purchase, or deciding which pair to don on a particular day.
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A vest is worn under suit jacket for formal functions. It can be in the same fabric as the suit or in a contrasting color. Suit vest in woven fabric with lining fabric at the back, buttons at front, a chest pocket, welt front pockets, and adjustable tab at back; is always in demand. Vests can have 3-5 buttons in front, it totally depends on clients taste and style.
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Chino trousers are made of a lightweight 100% cotton or cotton-blend fabric. These are worn in casual and perhaps, semi-formal events (subjective decision). They are breathable and easy to carry. Although we have many colors to offer in Chino fabric, our clients particularly like shades of Beige, Blue, Grey and Green.
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Bow Ties

We carry trendy bow ties in many prints and colors. These bow ties come with adjustable clip-on strap, that makes it convenient to wear for anyone. Custom bow-tie making service is also available on request.
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Silk Ties

Our Silk ties mostly are patterned, come in many colors and are available in regular and slim options. We also do carry knit ties and accept custom tie orders for individuals and groups. Monograms can also be made on ties, as per client requirements. Tie clips are also available in-store.
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Cufflinks, besides being a subjective taste choice, is worn in formal and semi-formal functions. Especially in a Black tie or a White tie function. We carry an interesting selection of cufflinks that would a meet requirements of someone who wants just something ‘subtle’ to ‘spectacular’, just ‘functional’ to ‘fancy’ and ‘just something formal’ to ‘something that’s personal
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Lapel Pins

A lapel pin is a small pin worn on clothing, often worn on the lapel of a jacket. Lapel pins can be ornamental or can indicate wearer’s affiliation with an organization or cause.” In today’s time, besides wearing lapel pins to various events, our clients also wear them in their daily life as a way to show their personality. We carry lapel pins with flowers (comes in different shapes and colors), drama masks, metal feathers and more. Seasonally, we keep adding more to our collection.
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There are many amazing qualities of wool that make it a very popular fabric for suits. For starters, it’s extremely water resistant. It’s also a wonderful insulator keeping the wearer warm and toasty in cold weather because the tiny insulating air spaces in wool fibres retain more heat. Unlike cotton which absorbs moisture and tends to remain wet, wool actually wicks perspiration and allows it to evaporate quickly thus keeping you warmer. Wool also has a wide comfort range which is very helpful for adapting to changing weather conditions.
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Italian wool

Here at Paul Bespoke, we boast hundreds of types of top class Italian wool imported from all corners of Italy. Our management staff personally flies to Italy several times a year to choose the latest designs and fabrics from the mills and factories. Vitale Barberis Canonico, Drago, Zignone, Ermenegildo Zegna and Loro Piana are a few of the brands we provide. These fabrics come in pure wool from Super 110’s to 200’s. These are not commonly available in South East Asia and we are delighted to offer them to our customers from all over the world at affordable prices.

Blended Wool

Blended wool is a delicate mix of wool and polyester viscose. Polyester viscose is a form of rayon which is similar to other natural fibres such as linen or cotton. The fibre is processed using a wet spin technique. Blended wool has an advantage over low quality wool because the latter can be itchy and uncomfortable on the skin but the former is significantly more comfortable to wear. Here at Paul Bespoke we have a large array of a mix of 50% all the way up to 98% blended wool in a variety of patterns and colours to suit your individual taste. Blended wool is commonly known for its low-maintenance and high durability.

English Wool

English Wool In English history, man used to milk the sheep for sustenance. When it shed its fleece, it could be spun and woven into cloth. Man soon realised that to kill a sheep for its meat alone was a waste of food and material and hence sheep shearing was cultivated. No other material can ever match 100% natural wool. All other fabrics fall short of the mark. When you visit our store, you will be delighted to find an impressive selection of the top brands in the world including Dormueil, Charles Carlton, Scabal, Holland & Sherry all imported directly from England.

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